Indian Wedding Photography in Northwood

Let us introduce ourselves as Sujal and Heena, we’re Indian Wedding Photographers based in London, UK: we are the owners and creative masters behind Zen Moments photography.

We specialise in Hindu wedding photography across east and west London and whilst we really love weddings from all cultures, discovering various other ceremonies – Indian weddings have always been amongst our favourites; the rich vibrant colours of the outfits, rich accessories, meaningful rituals and fun festivities really do make it a pleasure to photograph.

For us wedding photography is more than just about capturing the day as it unfolds it’s about those special moments between you and loved ones. In order for us to photograph your wedding we like to dedicate our time getting to know you and your family so that we can capture those special moments in an unobtrusive, compelling and photojournalistic manner.

As wedding photographers, we thrive to encapsulate the essence of our couples, the importance of family and friends and everything in between that matters to our bride and groom. Indian wedding photography for us is all about the emotion, the drama, the authenticity and stories that unfold on what may be the biggest days of your lives!

Trusting us for your Asian Wedding Photography

For us, the fundamental foundation about Asian wedding photography or wedding photography is trust. We like to get to know our couples and the most important people around them to ensure we capture all personalities and emotions on the day. We encourage an initial meet up to build a personal relationship, find out what you’re all about, what’s important to you and more importantly for us to build a mutual trust relationship.

Trust is what will allow us to photograph those beautiful candid moments, the connections between family members, from tears of joy straight through to the tightest of hugs.

Trust is what will inspire us to photograph the everlasting moments and emotions between a bride and groom. Every relationship is different and we want to be able to freeze your own personal connection through our images.

Trust in us as you’re wedding photographers, that we will give you our all. We are passionate and love what we do and are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.

By the time you come to view your photos, we hope not to only be remembered as your wedding photographers but as Sujal and Heena, not another wedding supplier. We don’t see you as clients, we see you as individuals embarking on your life journey.