A bit about us

So a bit of background on who you are thinking of hiring on your big day!

We are based in London, a husband and wife duo with added responsibilities of being a father and mother. Here’s a little story of how we met (actually a camera related one!). Heena was travelling around India and wanted to buy a basic DSLR camera to capture her travels. She’d always been one for a bargain, cue Sujal – who worked for a digital retailer and had the perks of a company discount. Sujal had basically been attempting to flirt in the previous months prevailing this, but had failed miserably. Post purchase of a Nikon D90, and many an evening taking photos of trees… yes mainly trees…! We eventually tied the knot.

Fast forward 4 years and enter our beautiful baby girl Aarya. Our love for photography grew. This little person had entered our lives and turned it upside down! We now take every opportunity we get to capture her cheeky little smiles along with all her silly antics – she is our inspiration!

Create everlasting memories through beautiful images

Our style

Do we have a style? Our style is capture you and your new beginnings as husband and wife. We want the images to scream your names, not ours. Therefore no one shoot is the same as the previous. We like to experiment with all sorts of different objects and surroundings. We also love to capture people in their natural state of being, when they think that no one is looking – this is when they are at peace with everything, in a Zen state of mind.

We hope the above snapshot provides you with an understanding of who we are and what we want to achieve by capturing what will be the biggest day of your lives.

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