Jude and Tilly

We started the day at Collette’s beautiful home in Watford on Saturday 4th June. From the moment we walked through the doors we felt at home. Tilly, who turns three on Saturday was so friendly, welcoming and playful. Jude was totally adorable and smiley, completely unaware of what was happening but carrying on about his own business, doing what toddler’s do best – running around the house taking bites into apples and then tossing them away!

We spent 15-20 minutes getting to know Tilly and Jude. They were the most welcoming of children and felt completely at ease with us 10 minutes after meeting us. We then spent the next 50 minutes slowly introducing the camera whilst Tilly showed us her lovely toys, her favourite of course being Buddy the rabbit who means the world to her and goes everywhere with her. She then continued to show us the Peppa Pig Air Peppa Jet set and whooshed it through the air. Jude in the meantime munched through a number of apples taking a bite and then tossing away. Collette persuaded him to move on to bananas which he seem to prefer as he finished one off.

We then headed to Cassiobury park, a 10-minute drive from Collette’s home. We were both in awe of Collette’s calm nature of taking two kids out on her own. A complete supermum who had eyes at the back of her head at times sensing and knowing exactly what her kids were up to. We started at the paddling area within Cassiobury Park which was very calm and tame when we arrived. We managed to capture some beautiful memories of the inquisitive nature of the children in the water. They were completely unaware that we were photographing. We were then ambushed by pack of dogs! Probably about 8 or more jumping into the water. Tilly was in awe, Jude however managed to get knocked off poor boy! 🙂

At this point, we decided to leave the paddling area and head to the playground. On our walk there, we thoroughly enjoyed capturing the three of them playing tag and chase – some beautiful natural moments of everyday family life. We were in amazed by the amount of energy Collette had! She was running along carrying two kids completely loving what are deemed to be small moments with our children, but in actual fact these are the cherished moments that will fly by so quickly.

At the park we spent about half an hour capturing the kids being kids, Tilly headed straight for the climbing frame and slides and Jude was trying different things from the trampoline, swings and driving a pretend car. As it soon approached lunchtime we headed back to the McDonagh household and were amazed at how patient the kids were whilst mummy made lunch. We captured the kids eating, they tucked into Pizzas, houmous, bread and crudites and filled up after a tiring morning of park fun!

It then hit Jude’s nap time and as Collette went up to put him to bed we decided to play a bit of hide and seek with beautiful Tilly who was completely at ease with us. We asked her to hide as mummy came down the stairs and captured her priceless reaction of being found as she then proceeded to give mum a cuddle! The sweetest of things to witness! We then completed a prolonged goodbye to Collette and Tilly. We could have stayed for the rest of the day as we enjoyed spending time with such a wonderful family!

This is our favourite style of family photography – families at home just chilling out and having fun. They can be themselves and the kids also feel much more comfortable as they are in familiar surroundings. Our aim is to capture all of this and it’s in moments like this that you really get to capture their personalities and the lovely day to day moments that are taken granted for all too often