Hello, we’re Heena and Sujal

Welcome to Zen Moments! We are London family photographers, a husband and wife team who love to capture the essence and the individuality of children. We love what we do and through our love of photography and children we want to capture everlasting memories which you can share with your family and friends.

We pride ourselves on taking family photography into a new era – un-posed, candid and real life moments that you can treasure forever!

Create lifetime memories through beautiful images

When you have your photographs taken it’s not just about having a few nice pictures you can look at years later – you are creating your children’s memories, giving them a snapshot of the time they were not even there or were too young to remember.

You are not only doing it for yourself, you are doing it for them too.

What inspires us ?

My wife and I first experienced the whirlwind of parenthood in 2014 when we had our beautiful little girl. Through the sleepless haze of the first year of parenthood, we managed to capture her personality and some memorable moments (from her early steps to her weaning) which will stay with us forever. A few years on and she has now become a fully – fledged, independent and opinionated little person.

She has truly been our source of inspiration and is the sole reason why we do what we do.

Why do we do it?

As parents we feel that family photography is very important and every family is unique with its own individuality and quirkiness.  Our family has a special saying “I love you this much…(pinching fingers)… everything outside”.

Let us photograph the essence of your family, your children and their childhood as it’s meant to be captured. No child likes to be posed and getting them to do so often results in a big cheesy ‘fake’ grin!

We want to be able to give you back treasured memories of their childhood; true feelings, raw emotion and genuine connection.

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